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Do You Have An IT System That Grows With Your Business?

June 29, 2018
NewGen IT Services
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At a meeting recently, we got talking about the variety of projects we work on here at NewGen IT and the different sizes of businesses we work with on a daily basis, from sole traders in home offices right through to global organisations with sites all over the world.

One thing we noticed they all had in commonwas the desire to grow. In fact, one of the most common reasons people come to us in the first place is because they are growing and need an IT system that is scalable and can grow with them.

Our customers are either going from a one man band to first employee, small office to larger or additional office and want a network, or have landed a big contract and need to recruit a lot more people who all need computers. Sometimes they are just getting so busy that they can’t oversee every aspect of their business anymore and recognise that by outsourcing they can get a reliable, knowledgeable IT team in an instant without costly training courses and time delays.

They all want a system that works and grows with their business. Having a solid IT system in place as you expand will ensure your company looks professional, ease collaboration between staff and enable the workload to become more productive. It will also give your customers a smoother customer experience.

Here are our tips for creating scalable IT system for your business:

1. We love Office356 for businesses and are regularly migrating clients over to this system. It is completely cloud-based so if there was ever a fire or flood in your workplace, all your work is saved. Teams can also use SharePoint for file sharing, calendars and email addresses can be synced across all devices and it allows for flexible working as you can work from anywhere. This system also has built-in security as you always know where your work is and who has access to it.

2. Other cloud-based systems such as Xero and QuickBooks allow you manage to manage your finances from any location and as you build your finance or admin team, they can also access it.

3. If you need to share files with multiple sites or teams out on the road, then SharePoint, Google Docs and Dropbox are great.

4. Google Drive is also great for collaborating with 15GB of free storage, Gmail and Hangouts all at your fingertips for your team to share and edit documents from anywhere.

If your business is growing and you need advice on which IT system is right for you, call us on 01933 426129 and we will be happy to help.

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