NewGen Cyber security Service

Safeguarding your business through effective online security

Behind the scenes protection to keep your business running securely.

Our cyber security solution ensures you and your business is protected from new and elaborate cyber threats. In a world when devices outnumber people, it is vital that your IT software is ready for any potential cyber threat.

If your staff are logging in from multiple workspaces, you need to step-up your security game and install a dynamic security system to defend your data. We know this can be quite scary but our expert team can work with you to increase your defences against cyber crime and reduce any costly attacks.

Who is cyber security for?

Cyber-attacks can happen to anyone, at any time. Attacker’s intentions usually involve gaining access, changing, or deleting sensitive data.

In worst cases, this could result in business downtime and extortion of money. Any sized business that wants to keep their staff, clients and business information data safe should be reviewing and investing in their cyber security.

Looking for cyber security solutions?

How NewGen IT Services Can Help You

We offer an all-encompassing approach to protect your IT systems, networks and programmes from digital attacks.

Benefits of our unified threat management system

  • Evaluating and updating your current position
  • Save you time
  • Working to your budget
  • Educate your team
  • Spot and prevent latest cyberthreats
  • Use our expertise know-how
  • Regular monitoring of your tech

Cybersecurity Risks

Online threats are constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and believable.

You need to understand your business vulnerabilities to predict where the mostly attacks may come from, and we can help you identify those. The 5 most common cyber-attacks include:

  1. Malware attack
  2. This is when attackers encourage users to click a link that will give them access to your systems.

  3. Social engineering attacks
  4. Elaborate techniques such as phishing emails that seem to come from reliable sources and trick users into doing or sharing something.

  5. Software supply chain attacks
  6. Attackers will spot and target a weak link within your third-party vendors and use them to gain access to your data.

  7. Man-in-the-middle attack
  8. If they know your third-parties, attackers can intercept communications between you and them, tricking users into sharing information.

  9. Password attacks
  10. A common threat and often combined with phishing emails to gain access to employee logins.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Cyber Security

We can’t really find a reason why you shouldn’t upgrade but here are the key benefits of why you should:
  • Around the clock monitoring and maintenance
  • Ensuring you meet compliance standards
  • Complete peace of mind
  • Protect your reputation and client satisfaction
  • Safeguard your team and data
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Cyber security consulting and training

Why You Should Upgrade Your Cyber Security

With NewGen IT Services as your IT partner, we will always put you and your business security first.

It also shows your clients that you are staying one step ahead and putting things in place to protect them, yourself and your staff. Providing complete peace of mind as a trusted and reliable business.


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