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Our cloud solution is designed to provide your business with the right software, responsiveness, and security you need to grow your business with complete peace of mind.

As businesses become more flexible with the way they work, a core location is essential for ensuring everything you need is accessible to you and your team. By moving to a cloud-based solution, all your databases, networking, software and analytics are stored in one central place – online.

This means no additional costs on internal hardware, infrastructure or maintenance, and you can adapt the cloud’s services to meet your business needs.

What NewGen IT Services can do for you

NewGen IT’s cloud solutions are tailored to suit you and your future plans. With us managing your IT services, your team can easily reach their emails, important documents, and essential analytics wherever they are located.

This simple and practical process means there is no delay in onboarding new staff or resolving client queries, increasing your team’s productivity and reliability.

Looking for cloud-based solutions?

Find the right solution for you and your business

We understand that every business is different and with our cloud solutions you can monitor and optimise the cloud environment to suit your requirements. This also includes whether you need your solution to be public, private or a hybrid of both.

3 types of cloud solutions

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  2. This includes a mix of services such as email, project management software and file storage. It is also the most common solution.

  3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  4. A complete framework and management system for all the cloud-based services that you, as a business, may not have the resource to oversee.

  5. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  6. Mostly preferred by developers, this acts as a web-based environment where developers can build apps and expand the cloud-based software.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Although it might seem scary moving your business software online but as the world rapidly moves forward with the latest technology, we don’t want you to be left behind. Here are 7 reasons why you should move to a cloud solution:

  1. A cost-effective option
  2. Being completely online, there’s no need for on-premises software licenses, or infrastructure and maintenance investment.

  3. A faster solution
  4. No more routing through files and folders, all you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection and login details to access essential information.

  5. Helping you scale up
  6. As your business grows you can seamlessly update your cloud environment to meet changes, without relying on extra resource.

  7. Increase your team’s productivity
  8. From emails and networking software to resources and important documents, your team have every they need in one safe place.

  9. Boost your profile and performance
  10. Your staff will feel more confident in their role if they’re confident they have the resources to provide the best service to your clients.

  11. A reliable solution
  12. Without the risk of IT hardware breakdowns, your online cloud solution ensures your business can keep running.

  13. Stay safe and secure
  14. Private cloud-based options keep your company and client details secure, with the added peace of mind of nightly back-ups.

Types of Cloud Solutions

NewGen IT Services provide a mix of digital management software, including

Let your team collaborate with emails, calendars, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Ensure your data and client information is safe, secure and always backed-up.
Migrates internal software to securely create shared applications for your staff and clients.
Email software to provide bespoke and professional signatures for your business.
A public cloud solution for analytics, networking and storage.


What our customers are saying

"I always receive great service from a highly competent and friendly team at a very reasonable price. NewGen give me confidence and peace of mind that over the security day to day running of my business IT systems. Highly recommended!"
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"As a rapidly growing company, we need a quick turnaround when things go wrong. NewGen IT Services have never let us down"
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"We need our IT systems working 24/7 – NewGen IT Services make sure that’s the case."
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"NewGen IT Services are an extension of our international team. We would not be as efficient as we are now were it not for them"
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"NewGen IT Services give us heaps of ideas and fixes. They guide us through the best IT solutions."
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"We needed a company that could help us fix our IT issues and get us to a point where we could move forward. NewGen have done exactly this. They are exceptional."
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