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What Are The Best Online Meeting Tools For Business?

September 13, 2018
NewGen IT Services
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There is no doubt about it, the Internet, smart phones and apps are all making the world a smaller place, and this is also changing the way we do business.

Companies no longer have to do business in their local area. Depending on the business, they can trade with anyone else in the world, from any place in the world! Businesses can now have teams scattered all over the globe too!

Cloud-based technology that enables us to share files has helped with this massively, so too has the rise of the online meeting.

Not only can having a meeting online bring people together from opposite ends of the world, it is also acceptable to have an online meeting with someone in the same county as you as everyone recognises that they save time and money. You can use that travel time more productively and pocket the money you would’ve spent in coffees and petrol too. Taking part in online meetings is also environmentally friendly, lessening your carbon footprint.

Skype was one of the first providers to offer this service. Now there is a wealth of different services on the market.

Facetime is a video call option available on Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones and iPads which establishes a connection between two Apple devices. Although currently incompatible with Android devices and for two users only, the software is great if you are an iPhone user on the go and don’t have the means to log in to a meeting using a laptop and weblink.

Skype For Business
Purposely for business use, Skype For Business is now available as part of the Office365 program and integrates with Microsoft Outlook, syncing with your contacts and calendar. It also includes instant messaging and sharing of files.
This software offers personalised company URLs and a unique background to your meeting room which can include your logo to help establish your brand. It also has screen sharing and chat capabilities and is free for up to three participants.
Growing fast, now has 18 million users worldwide. From this online meeting room, you can schedule in advance with one click using email and instant messages. It can also provide lists of meetings for each team member. Prices start at £12 a month for up to ten participants.

Amazon Chime
A relative newcomer to the online meeting market, Amazon Chime works with Alexa For Business so you can start your meetings with your voice. It works across all devices to hold online meetings, video conferences, calls and chats.

This increasingly popular platform is great for larger companies as it allows for video conferences for up to 500 people. It can screen share, record meetings and produce auto-generated transcripts and broadcast to Facebook live and YouTube.

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