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Why office 365 customers need a cloud back-up solution

April 30, 2020
NewGen IT Services
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Many business owners using Office 365 believe that their data is totally secure. The reality, however, is a different story. Although Microsoft offers many benefits in productivity, efficiency, and collaboration with Office 365, the company doesn’t provide users with a comprehensive backup system for their underlying data.

Not all backups are created equal, however. When looking into a solution that can protect your data stored in the cloud, there are a few fundamental questions you should be asking your vendor:

•          What data is being backed up?

•          How is the backup data being stored and protected?

•          How often is data backed up, and how long is each backup version kept?

•          How easy is the data restoration process?

That’s why NewGen are introducing SkyKick to all customers, SkyKick Cloud Backup is a flexible, agile, and reliable solution that offers comprehensive data protection across the full Office 365 tenant, unlimited storage and retention of user data, and a hassle-free setup and run experience. And data recovery, when needed, happens fast, which gets your company up and running with minimum downtime. We encourage you to check out SkyKick’s Cloud Backup eBook to learn more, SkyKick’s Cloud Backup Is Easy to Use, and Recovery Is Fast.

Mechanical malfunctions and physical damage, hacking and theft, user error, and power outages all put user data at risk in the cloud. While companies do their best to prepare for these problems, no plan is fool proof, and stories of data loss are far from rare, with the average data breach costing small businesses £9,500.00 About 32% of companies get hit by data loss in the cloud, with the most common cause being deletion. Although nearly two-thirds of data loss is accidental, 20% is lost to malicious intent, including hackers.

Cloud Backup Saves Data, Time, and Money

If your business is growing and you need any more information about SkyKick can do for you, please give NewGen a call on 01933 426129 between the working hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday or email

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