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About NewGen IT – Meet The Team

NewGen IT Services was founded out of a passion to help people. To help people with their IT challenges through personal life and business, and to create a solid foundation and IT infrastructure. We work with clients internationally to help support their IT needs, on site and remotely ensuring their systems are secure, backed up and professionally managed 24/7.

Suraj Dholakia

Managing Director

I left university in 2004 after graduating in Business Management and needed a job, I was lucky enough to be offered a job in IT sales. With minimum sales experience, I worked my way through the ranks to become the Dell Vendor manager then on to the Sales Manager role. I now find myself a joint owner of NewGen IT Services. I love sports… I am an Arsenal season ticket holder.  I play cricket for a local team and if my time allows I try and get on the golf course! With 3 kids this is now becoming a challenge. I’m a father of 3 beautiful children Kaiyan, Elllana and Siyaara and husband to my lovely wife Jessica.

Jessica Dholakia

Finance Manager

I am a qualified accountant and love working with Numbers! I’m a loving mother to 3 children Kaiyan, Ellana and Siyaara. My spare time is spent running around after them or my Husband! When I do get time to myself I love reading and binge watching series! I also love a holiday or two!

Leila Souch

Marketing Manager

I started working at NewGen IT in September 2017 as an administrator, then progressed to marketing manager. I am responsible for the brand and face of NewGen IT. In my spare time I am a proud mum of 2 beautiful boys Riley & Reuben. I enjoy going on holiday with my partner and boys, I enjoy all social media especially Instagram and a good night out with friends.

Stephen Souch

Service Manager

I started working with technology in 2004, I love taking things apart and seeing how they work I got myself an apprenticeship and worked my way up the ranks to service operations manager and decided to take the plunge and set up NewGen IT Services, I love helping people and always believe i cant change the world but i help make it a better place,  I love spending time with the Mrs and my 2 boys Riley & Reuben and making sure they are happy. I have a real weakness for Lattes and Hobnobs.

Ethan Malvern

Technical Support Engineer

l have a real passion for IT and for helping people out, I studied IT at college back in 2016 and have been pursuing it ever since. I love to see how computers work and I love how much you can do on them.  I love jobs that make me use my head and getting involved. I love working on the physical side of engineering because I find it relaxing. I enjoy being with my girlfriend and spending time with friends and having a good time, I try to hang out with them as much as possible. I would consider myself to be quite a mummy’s boy as I always try to help her out as she’s done a lot for me in the past. I have a blue car and I have size 9 shoes.

Jake Hill

Business Development Manager 

I joined NewGen IT in October 2019 and love meeting new people and promoting our company as part of my role. I am a huge sports fan. I follow football, rugby, ice hockey, NFL and watch as much as I can with my two awesome kids Isla and Ollie and my beautiful wife Hayley. I love superheroes, gaming and sweets. I enjoy cooking and taking my family on days out.  You will often find me singing (badly) in the office and doing my best to make the team smile

NewGen Children

The Future 

Hi, we are the NewGen Children

We often come into the office to check the staff and make sure everyone is working as they should be, in our spare time we love hanging around with each other, playing hide and seek and tag.  – The girls always win of course. We also love spending time with our family’s and going on family holidays, we often get together for celebrations and have lot’s of fun.


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